Advertising in the Catholic Teachers Gazette gives you the following benefits

• Adverts are affordable.
The paper copy is distributed, free of charge to every Catholic School in England and Wales.
• All adverts in the paper version of the Gazette are displayed, at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE on our website, from a date of your choosing until the closing date.
• It is available on the web without the need for users to log in and register personal information.
• It is probably the most cost effective way available to ensure your advert is seen by the highest number of potential applicants
• MAIN SCALE TEACHER Vacancies can now be included ONLINE ONLY, if desired, for just £50

Placing an advert couldn't be easier -
• We can set your advert for you, following your indicated style - or leave it to us. There is no charge for setting!
• Contact our office where we will happily ensure you choose the most appropriate type and size of advert for your vacancy, and make sure it suits your budget.
• Or you can set the advert yourself and send your artwork [high resolution pdf files only] to us for inclusion,
• Proof copies [time permitting] ensure that you know in advance precisley what you get for your money
image of front page of printed version of Catholic Teachers GazetteAdvertising rates
Semi-display [single column] adverts cost £2.70 per line
Display adverts cost £9.25 per single column centimetre
Colour costs an additional £200.00
From the example page shown:
Example Display Advert 1 (11cm x 7.5cm) (2columns) would cost £203.50
Example DIsplay Advert 2 (15cm x 11.5cm) (3 columns)would cost £416.25
Example Display Advert 3 (10cm x 7.5cm) (2columns) would cost £185.00
Example Semi-display Advert 4 (45 lines) (1 column) would cost £121.50
Example Semi-display Advert 5 (50 lnes) (1 column) would cost £135.00

The size of your advert will be determined by the amount of text you wish to include.

Min. Display size - 5cm x 7.5cm
Max Display size - 28cm x 19.5cm

If you would like us to help you work out how much your advert will cost, call us now!  
Don't forget! Copy and booking deadline is 3pm Monday.